Graphic Design Programs

Graphic Design Programs


What is Graphic Designing?

As a visual Communication is known as Graphic Designing. In this world graphic designing is very important, You can earn money as used graphic designing, Graphic designer can earn money from a different platform like Fivver, upwork etc, Graphic Designing is a largest field in the world.

Graphic Design Programs
Graphic Design Programs

Graphic Design Services:

  • Websites
  • Branding Collateral
  • Infographic
  • Logo
  • Landing Page
  • Brochure
  • Web Banner

Graphic Designing Main Software for PC

They have a main two software that you can learn has make a best graphic designer.

  • Adobe illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Adobe illustrator

Illustrator is a best tool for the graphic designing, Graphic Design Programs illustrator is a adobe tool. Most of peoples in the world are used abobe illustrator and adobe photoshop for graphic designing. Adobe illustrator is a famous tool in the world.

Graphic Design Programs
Graphic Design Programs

Adobe illustrator different tools:

  • Selection tool (V)
  • Direct Selection tool (A)
  • Magic wand tool (Y)
  • Lasso tool (Q)
  • Pen tool (P)
  • Curvature tool (shift + ~)
  • Type tool (T)
  • Line Segement tool (\)
  • Rectangle tool (M)
  • PaintBursh tool (B)
  • Shaper tool (shift+N)
  • Ersar tool (shift+E)
  • Rotate tool (R)
  • Scale tool (S)
  • Width tool (shift+W)
  • Free Transform tool (E)
  • Shape Builder tool (M)
  • Prepestive grid tool (shift+P)
  • Mesh tool (U)
  • Gradiant tool (G)
  • Eye dropper (I)
  • Blend tool (W)
  • Symbol Spayer tool (shift+S)
  • Column Graph tool (J)
  • Artboard Tool (shift+O)
  • Slice tool (shift+K)
  • Hand tool (H)
  • Zoom tool (Z)

All the tools are very helpful to Create a Design, they have to create like poster, infographic etc.

Which things are make in illustrator ? Graphic Design Programs

3D Model, logo, youtube thumbnail etc.

Graphic Design Programs
Graphic Design Programs

Which Minimum system requirements for download the adobe illustrator software into there pc or laptop ?


Multi-Core Intel or AMD 64-bit

Random Acces Memory (RAM):

8 GB

How to install the illustrator Software in there PC ?

You can Download the adobe illustrator software in there laptop or computer at free of cost and you can download this software in easy way. 1st we open the google, Graphic Design Programs  Search the gentopic website. You can open the website Right hand you can see the search option, you can search illustrator, you can be the download the illustrator software into there PC or laptop.

Graphic Design Programs
Graphic Design Programs

Adobe illostartor Complete Course

Adobe Photoshop Graphic Design Programs

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing software that allows users to create, edit, and enhance images with precision and creativity

Graphic Design Programs
Graphic Design Programs

Adobe Photoshop tools:

  • Move tool (V)

Moves a selection or layer

  • Rectangular Marquee tool (M)

Makes a selection in the shape of a rectangle

  • Lasso tool (L)

Makes freehand selections

  • Object selection tool (W)

Finds and automatically selects an object inside a defined region

  • Crop tool (C)

Trims or expands the edges of an image

  • Frame tool (K)

Creates placeholder frames for images

  • Eyedropper tool (I)

Samples colors from an image

  • Spot Healing Brush tool (J)

Removes marks and blemishes

Graphic Design Programs
Graphic Design Programs
  • Brush tool (B)

Paints custom bruh strokes

  • Clone Stamp tool (S)

Paints with pixels from an part of the image

  • History Brush tool (Y)

Restores parts of an image to an earlier state

  • Eraser tool (E)

Changes pixels to the background color Graphic Design Programs or makes them transparent

  • Gradient tool (G)

Creates a gradual blend between colors

  • Blur tool

Blurs areas in an image

  • Dodge tool (O)

Lightens areas in an image

  • Pen tool (P)

Makes and changes paths or shapes with anchor points and handles

  • Horizontal Type tool (T)

Adds horizontal Type

  • Path Selection tool (A)

Selects a whole path

  • Rectangle tool (U)

Draws rectangles

  • Hand tool (H) Graphic Design Programs

Pans over different parts of an image

  • Zoom tool (Z)

Magnifies or reduces the view of an image

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Begin your first project by creating a new file in the Photoshop Document (PSD) format.
  2. Choose a document size, Graphic Design Programs and select the canvas size and resolution that fits your project.
  3. Work with layers, which are like clear sheets you can lay over background layers or images.
  4. Adjust certain areas of your image with layer masks.
  5. Remove an object or spot from an image by selecting the layer, selecting the Spot Healing Brush tool and clicking or dragging on the spot or object you want to remove.
  6. Add text to your image by selecting the Type tool, picking a spot, typing and editing your text.
  7. Draw on your layers by selecting a tool from the toolbar, customizing the tool in the options bar and making your mark.
  8. Save your file.
    Graphic Design Programs
    Graphic Design Programs

    Adobe Photoshop Complete Course


The two tools Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are use for Graphic Design, Graphic Design Programs  they provide the best result. They have best software for the graphing designing.


Q 1

What is Adobe Illustrator?


Adobe Illustrator is a graphic design application that is used to create vector graphics.

Q 2

What is Adobe Photoshop?


Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing software, used to crop photos, adjust photo composition, correct lighting, and make any subject look its absolute best.

Q 3

What is the difference between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop?


Photoshop is a “raster-based” editing application, while Illustrator uses “vectors.” Raster-based editing applications use pixels to create images, while vectors are shapes with perfectly smooth lines created with “points” or “nodes.”

Q 4

How do I use Adobe Illustrator?


Illustrator is used for creating logos, images, and graphics. Designers can create graphics and images freehand, using a stylus and digital drawing tools.

Q 5

How do I use Adobe Photoshop?


Photoshop is used for editing and manipulating photos. It’s used for adjusting the white balance on a photo, removing red-eye, erasing a crease from a scanned photo, editing an object out of a photo, etc.

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